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Dharma Yoga Center NYC

Dharma Yoga Center NYC Rewards FAQ
How do I earn points?
  1. When you buy classes or pay your membership fees, you earn 1 point for each $1 spent, e.g. $50 = 50 points. $200 = 200 points.
  2. When you refer a friend, each of you will receive 15 bonus points after your friend makes their first package purchase. After their second purchase, you’ll each receive another 15 bonus points.
How do I sign in?
Use the button above to access the Rewards program site and login with the same username and password you use currently use to book and buy classes.
How does the redemption process work?
  1. Sign in to the Dharma Yoga Center NYC Rewards site
  2. Find an offer that you like and click “Claim This Offer”
  3. Points will be deducted from your account, and you will be sent an email containing a voucher or promo code
  4. You can use the promo code online, or use the voucher in-store
Do my points expire?
Unused points expire 12 months after they were originally earned.
I just claimed an offer. How long do I have until the voucher expires?
All offers are valid for a minimum of 3 months after the offer has been claimed on the rewards site. Some offers are valid for 6 or 12 months, please see specific offer details on the rewards site.
I see that some rewards are free and some are discounted. What's the difference, and how do they work?
Free rewards are redeemed directly on the company’s website or in-store. Discounted rewards are also redeemed on the company’s website or in-store, by paying the company directly.
Dharma Yoga Center NYC Rewards doesn’t accept any payments.
When you claim an offer on Dharma Yoga Center NYC Rewards, we will send you an email containing either a voucher (to use in-store) or a promo code (to use online).